We're Okay Yellow.



Okay Yellow is a design company based in Charlotttesville, VA. We're known for our award-winning work in the craft beer industry having designed packaging and marketing materials for a number of growing craft breweries, but our work over the last decade spans a number of industries including an airport, car dealership and technology start ups. We do everything from branding to packaging to video and web.

Here's a recent project that we're really proud of. We've been designing Devils Backbone Brewing Company's packaging since 2011, and we recently had the opportunity to refresh their entire line. We think it turned about pretty rad.



Feel free to poke around a bit. Here's a small collection of some other things we've worked on.


We typically don't provide a one-time service, but rather a one-stop relationship. Our clients appreciate the fact that we "get" them, and how we are able to creatively and effectively communicate their message across multiple mediums.


After new clients have gotten to know us and our work, they tend to stick around a while. As such, we maintain a hand-picked list of clients whose brands we care very much about. They say it's best to keep business and personal separate, but a lot of our clients end up becoming our friends.

We're ok with that.


Joel Artz

Co-founder, Creative Director

We'd love to hear what you have in mind for your next project. Feel free to get in touch and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Looking forward to it!

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